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Officially Almost Nearly

I am officially almost nearly back up to the word count I had before deleting that chapter and a half worth of stuff at Alpha. So close. We’ll see if I have a third writing session in me today; otherwise, the words will get written tomorrow.

The word count is still embarrassing, what with the deletion and the abandonment of writing through the end of Alpha, Confluence, and the con crud, but at least the word count is once again increasing.

I am also officially almost nearly not sick. Today’s the first day I’m not moping about on cold medication, and thank goodness for that; I rather enjoy being on the mend, and all.

Though I did leave the apartment yesterday (on cold meds) for important things like food and to go see the Batman movie with leahbobet and thesandtiger. (Priorities.) And yes, it was awesome, for all those reasons everyone else has already said -- but really, it was the structure of the thing that blew me away. I sat there in that cold, dark theatre, my story brain cranked up to high, just watching the pieces fit together.

The first coherent thing I said after the movie was that I respected it, because it worked. The whole thing. The plot and the characters and the rising tension and the setting -- everything fitting together perfectly, one piece after another. Click, click, click.

(Actually, the first thing I said was in reply to Leah’s comment, “Only the awesome people stay until the end of the credits.” I looked around when the lights went up, and discovered that we three were the only ones still in the theatre. “Yep,” I said. “That sounds about right.”)

I wasn’t able to say much coherent about it after that, though, because my brain did not want to get out of the shape of the movie that it had constructed. Actually, my story brain is still quite happy to stay in that place, and since this isn’t an Alpha story that I have to critique coherently, I will just say: go see this movie. It’s built out of dark metal girders welded together at interesting angles.


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Aug. 2nd, 2008 06:25 am (UTC)
I am officially almost nearly glad to hear that so many things are so officially almost nearly good.
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